FlyMSG: Auto Text Expander & Sales Engagement

FlyMSG: Auto Text Expander & Sales Engagement 1.2.2

FlyMSG: Auto Text Expander & Sales Engagement:Create custom keyboard shortcuts to expand and replace text as you type!..

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FlyMSG: Auto Text Expander & Sales Engagement
FlyMSG: Auto Text Expander & Sales Engagement
FlyMSG: Auto Text Expander & Sales Engagement
FlyMSG: Auto Text Expander & Sales Engagement

FlyMSG 简介

FlyMSG is the new free auto text expander tool designed to help modern sales leaders, their team, business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers or just about anyone improve thier productivity as they communicate faster and smarter. Use FlyMSG to create quick shortcodes or as we call it FlyCuts to expand our thier text in virtually any web based application.

FlyMSG inserts snippets of text instantly, allowing anyone to:

A. Increases engagement: Spend less time drafting and organizing your playbooks and sales messaging and more time selling.

B. Streamline Productivity: Write messages, send LinkedIn connection requests, and more with simple FlyCuts (shortcuts).

C. Communicate Effectively: Maintain brand consistency and tonal uniformity using the content (FlyPlates) you know works best to get results!

Included in the free version is 20 of the Vengreso sales messaging scripts (FlyPlates) that can help you engage with more buyers. Simply add the FlyPlates to your FlyCuts for quick access.

FlyMSG the sales productivity tool that helps you Type Less and Sell More.

1. Plain and rich-text message editor.
2. Embed images and video.
3. Quick and easy to input text messaging.
4. Easy to format your text messaging.
5. When a website does not have rich text, it converts your rich text messages into simple text format.
6. Autosave your templates.
7. All-in-One LinkedIn Engagement tool.
8. Works virtually in any web-based application.
9. Contains spell check.
10. Allows you to hyperlink text
11. Bold, underline, or italize text
12. A great alternative to Auto Text Expander and TextExpander!


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