NotionX ( for Notion )

NotionX ( for Notion ) 2.1.0

NotionX ( for Notion ):A Browser Extension that enhances Notion experience...

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NotionX ( for Notion )
NotionX ( for Notion )
NotionX ( for Notion )
NotionX ( for Notion )

NotionX ( for Notion ) 简介

NotionX is building for enhancing experience of Notion( Web App, and try to keep it consistent with the cute native application UI style.

As for version v2.1.0, NotionX offers the following features:
√ Dynamic Table of Content SideBar
√ Page Content statistics
√ Set All Code Block Language
√ Open current page in Notion desktop
√ Add a “scroll to top button” in the bottom right corner of the page
√ Show line numbers in code blocks
√ Low Contrast Dark Mode
√ Notion Shortcuts Quick Reference Manual
√ Support Multiple languages
√ Hide comments at the top of the page
√ Switching Notion dark mode
√ Compact Mode:full width + small text
√ Prevent table overflow
√ More Features on the way

Q: How to enable NotionX?
A: Install this extension ,open any address hosted as ‘’, and you will find buttons on the right hand side of the page header; The NotionX pop-up page can be found by clicking on the NotionX plugin icon on the right side of your browser address bar.

Want more features? suggest here:

NotionX Homepage:

Source Code:

This is a free and open-source browser extension. If you rating ★★★★★ I will devote more time to improving it, thanks~~~

NotionX是为了提升Notion( App的体验而构建的,并尽量保持与可爱的原生应用UI风格一致。

√ 动态目录侧边栏
√ 页面内容统计
√ 一件设置所有代码块语言
√ 在Notion客户端中打开当前页面
√ “滚动至顶部”按钮
√ 显示代码行号
√ 低对比度暗黑模式
√ Notion快捷键&命令速查
√ 插件多语言
√ 隐藏页首评论
√ 切换Notion暗黑模式
√ 紧凑模式:full width + small text
√ 阻止表格溢出
√ 持续更新…

答:安装这个扩展,打开任何一个主机为 “”的网址,你会找到位于页面头部右侧的按钮;在浏览器地址栏右侧点击NotionX插件图标,可以找到NotionX的弹出页面。


NotionX 首页:




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