Meet Mute Toggle

Meet Mute Toggle 1.0

Meet Mute Toggle:Toggle mute on/off for Google Meets with a browser button or hotkey...

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Meet Mute Toggle
Meet Mute Toggle

Meet Mute Toggle 简介

Toggle mute on or off in a Google Meet from anywhere!
Open source:

No more hunting for the meeting tab.

– Monitor mute status with an easy to identify green or red icon
– Toggle mute status by clicking the icon, no matter what tab you are on
– Global hotkey support allows you to toggle mute even if your browser is not in focus (default: CMD+Shift+0 on MacOS and CTRL+Shift+0 on Windows and Linux)

You’re in a Google Meet. Maybe you’re passively paying attention while getting some work done or catching up on the news. Suddenly, you hear your name and a question directed at you. The meeting grinds to a halt while you struggle to find the tab in the sea of 50 you have open. Finally, you find it only to start with, “sorry I was muted.”

Yea. We know.

Save your colleagues from 10 seconds of uncomfortable silence.


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