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With Streamio, we've created an extension to elevate your experience of watching sports games with live contextual stats overlays and co-streaming

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Streamio 简介

With Streamio, we’ve created an extension to elevate your experience of watching sports games with live contextual stats overlays and co-streaming to watch the game alongside your favorite streamers.

Setup is easy! Just download our extension, & once installed click the puzzle piece to pin Streamio. When you’re watching your basketball game, click the Streamio icon in the top right and select the game you’re watching. We work on most streaming sites like Youtube TV, Watch ESPN, & more (see our website for more on which streams we support)!

Tip: you can just pull up our overlay on any site if you can’t actively watch the game, but want to follow along!


See both team’s current lineup along with a rating that tells you how good that particular lineup is. Want to know how many points LeBron has, and how that compares to his season stats? Or the Laker’s team FG% for the game so far? Use the boxscore to get live stats on both teams’ players, season stats, and team stats.

Curious how a substitution impact’s your team’s performance? Our new lineup statistics will tell you the offensive and defensive rating for new lineups. With just minutes left in a close game, want to see how your team performs in clutch? Our custom clutch stats will tell you their favorite type of shot and percentage in clutch moments.

This extension also introduces the chance for you to watch your favorite teams along with your favorite streamers. With featured co-streaming events, you’ll be able to watch your game on your own streaming service along with our featured co-streaming partners reacting live to the game!

Watching a basketball game in 2020 should not be tethered to only listening to the NBA commentators bringing up random stats. Elevate your experience by getting the stats you need, and the stats you didn’t know you needed when you need it, while watching alongside your favorite streamers with Streamio.


Check out our website for more tips and FAQs for how to make the most of the extension!

Disclaimer: This extension uses Mixpanel to collect extension usage statistics to help us improve your user experience. If you want to turn off tracking, you can set up a filter in Adblock Plus or similar ad blocker tools like AdBlock, uBlock or Adblock Pro. However, not doing this will help us continue to improve upon the extension!


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